Likewise, one can make a gathering chain of these speakers. In the event that you have more than one of these, at that point you can associate them with one another to make a gathering chain (up to 100 speakers one after another). In this manner, getting increasingly incredible sound. Sony claims that the battery of this speaker goes on for 24 hours. All things considered, it does nearly do that in the event that you keep the additional bass mode off and don’t turn on the LED lights. At that point you get substantially more battery life, else, you will wind up getting half of it (12-13 hours), which still isn’t terrible. Additionally, with the USB port, you can charge your different gadgets utilizing Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker. Coming to consider it, one would not be doing that regularly, yet in the event that you are out with this versatile speaker and need a snappy battery top-up in your cell phone, you realize you can depend on this BT speaker.

The live mode adds a genuine punch to the sound by upgrading the mids. Which likewise makes the voice more clear. It is extraordinary on the off chance that you are hearing jazz tunes or drama on it. For customary Bollywood masala or western tunes, the additional bass mode is the place we discovered solace. Some perfect functionalities have been added to the Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker like gathering promoter mode. At the point when turned on through the application, this will empower you to tap the speaker on top, base, front, left or right. Each tap will deliver various hints of a drum or percussion. Gimmicky? Truly, however fun? Unquestionably yes!

In standard mode the LED pointer over the power catch will be green (can get to this by squeezing play and volume down catches together). To get into additional bass mode tap the live catch, which will turn the power marker to white. For live mode with additional bass, the LED lights on both the live and control catches will turn white. Truly, this can be precarious to learn from the outset, however after a couple of times, you get its hang. In the event that despite everything you don’t get its substance, this can be overseen from the Music Center application too.

The Blue LED light on the top board quits glimmering once your cell phone is associated with the speaker. What’s more, when it did, we turned on Spotify to hear some out of our preferred tunes. Since the Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker falls in the additional bass classification, they do convey an extraordinary bassy experience. The highs and lows are extraordinary. Mid turns out to be better when you turn on the live mode. One can undoubtedly flip between modes utilizing the top button board.

Going to the Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker’s capacities, its sound and highlights, we saw it as very alluring. Setting up this speaker was easy breezy and with NFC empowered on the gadget it just takes a tap to associate the speaker to any NFC good cell phone or tablet. In the event that you don’t have that on your gadget, you can simply combine it as effectively utilizing Bluetooth. In around 2 minutes we were fully operational. Sony’s Music Center application comes helpful when you need to work the gadget remotely. The application additionally shows a prevalent rundown of music applications in a single spot, which obviously are as of now introduced on your cell phone. These incorporate Spotify and Google Play Music.

With this the BT speaker is likewise shockproof, we dropped it from up to 3 feet and nothing transpired. Not in any case a scratch. This is for the most part in light of the fact that the whole shell is worked of hard rubberised material. We have seen water safe apparatus originating from Sony previously, yet shockproof is something new.

The back board has the normal USB, MicroUSB charging ports just as an assistant in jack. This is joined by several catches, for example, battery (that bends over as the light key), which tells you the precise measure of battery left in the gadget (when short squeezed). A reset pinhole catch can likewise be found here. A touch of guidance, keep this board firmly shut since the Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker is IP67 evaluated. Which implies it is water and dustproof. On the off chance that you let the back board free, at that point water may leak in whenever submerged in water.

There are two more LED lights holed up behind the grille, which came to us as a decent shock. They are all around covered up and possibly light up when you play a track. They streak with the beats, so does the LED light strips. You can control the light strip and can totally turn it off by squeezing the light catch, situated at the back, for 3 seconds. Discussing which, there is back just as front catch board on the Sony SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speaker. We should discuss the front one first. This is situated on the highest point of the speaker and comprises of the live mode, play/delay, volume up, volume down and control catches.

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